Bike Frames

Repairs & Re-sprays

Dave Yates Cycles are specialists in frame renovations and repairs. You would be amazed at some of the rusty and dilapidated offerings that enter the workshop and leave gleaming. Dave can carry out repairs to practically any steel frame (and some aluminium and Carbon Fibre ones as well). Anything from adding a few braze ons to repairing major crash damage. Stripped bottom bracket shells, bent gear hangers, seized seat pins or stems are all in a days work. If it can be welded, brazed or even stuck with adhesive Dave can probably do it.


Dave specialises in "sympathetic" restoration of classic frames, Flying Scot, Bates, Hetchins, Claude Butler are just some of the names that spring to mind. However, as many of these frames are very old, a word of caution, the condition of the metal in your frame will always have a bearing on the finish obtainable. Transfers can usually be obtained to the original pattern to finish the job off.


All frames that come in for renovation are inspected for damage, shot blasted to remove the old paint and any corrosion and given a coat of acid etch primer. Once the primer is dry the colour coats are sprayed on and stoved in the oven to harden the paint. Next the transfers are applied and allowed to dry (usually overnight) and any lining or airbrushing applied. The frame is then given a coat of clear lacquer to protect the transfers which is stoved again. Finally the frame has all its threaded holes cleared out with taps to ensure trouble free assembly of the bike.


You can follow an actual frame being renovated in 'A Frame is Re-Born' a photo sequence that takes you through each stage of the renovation process.



Re-spray Guidelines

•  If you do not want to be without your frame for very long you can book a slot for the work to be carried out. A deposit of £50 is required to reserve a slot. Turn-round time is then 2-3 weeks.

•  The prices are for frames received completely stripped of all components, but if you have difficulty removing a headset or bottom bracket etc fear not, for a small extra charge Dave can remove and refit bits like this.

•  Please do not leave any screws in place. They have to be removed, and this will incur a charge.

•  All frames must be received in reasonably clean condition. Greasy dirt on frames will contaminate the shot blaster. Any work required to clean frames will be charged for.

•  A firm price for any job can only be given on sight of the frame.

•  Pitting and dents are only filled if this is specifically requested

•  If any problems appear during shotblasting these will be notified.

•  If a job that has been started is cancelled, all work carried out up to the point of cancellation must be paid for.

•  The re-spray prices are for colours on the colour chart. There is an additional charge for colour matching (where possible.)

•  You can bring or send your frame to Dave. However, please contact us first either by telephone 01526 343322 or email.

•  If sending your frame, please enclose clear instructions (preferably taped onto the frame) and a contact telephone  number and email address. No responsibility can be taken for mis-interpreted instructions.

•  If you require other manufacturer's transfers/decals you will need to supply them.

•  A deposit of £50 is required with your frame, unless you have already paid a deposit to book a slot.

•  All work must be paid for before collection or despatch. We accept payment by cheque or bank transfer, cleared before collection or despatch, or in cash at the time of collection. Please note we do not accept cards.