Custom Bike Frames

Feedback from France


Dear Dave


We are absolutely delighted with our new expedition bikes. Previous bikes we have owned have been unstable when heavily loaded, putting extra strain on arm muscles, steering against the load.


The bikes you have built for us feel exactly the same loaded or unloaded - and the steering is completely relaxed.


We had a wonderful holiday in June, we took the Bike Express to France and spent a month climbing up and down the mountains in the Massif Central, west of Valence. Every day we told each other how wonderful the bikes are - it was a good thing we were on our own as we would have bored any one else to tears.


Since we go to remote places we have always had the burden of a heavy tool kit - and another bonus is your construction - entirely with a small number of Allen keys. The tool kit is now 1/4 of the previous weight and so far has not been used.


We had expected hand built bikes to be an improvement, but these have really exceeded our expectations.


With best regards


John and Susan Drysdale