Custom Bike Frames

16th May 2012


Hi Debbie

Hope you and Dave are well.

Just thought I would drop you both a quick line about how I am getting on with the new bike after a good few months riding.

The Wanderer is performing like a star. Dave has built a superb frame which is very light and quick for a Rohloff equipped bike. It handles like a dream and is very comfortable for long distance riding.

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Dave for his work. He is a true craftsman. I would recommend Dave without hesitation to anyone who wants a custom steel frame building to the highest standard. Thanks again.






9th May 2011


We were delighted to receive news of 2 Dave Yates touring frames currently on a very long ride....


"We are 4 months into a very long ride on our Dave Yates touring bikes. So far we have toured New Zealand for 3 months and now we are travelling up the USA. The bikes have received a great deal of attention on the road, particularly here in the USA. They have behaved faultlessly all the way. We will do about 7,000 miles here before returning to bike across Europe on them and then who knows. The link here goes to our travel blog that features your bikes in amazing places"


Esther Tacke & Warren Sanders



26th December 2010


Due to the extremely cold weather we have experienced over the last 3-4 weeks we have been unable to do any frame painting. Painting in such low temperatures (we have been down to minus 17C) is nigh on impossible and would give a very poor finish.


We would like to thank customers whose frames should have been painted in this period for their patience. As soon as the weather improves we will catch up with our painting work as quickly as possible.




25th August 2010


Dave recently built a custom Polo frame & forks and we were delighted to receive the following email and photo today. We supplied the frame and forks unpainted, thus allowing the customer to have them powder coated.


"Hi Debbie and Dave,

I've attached a picture of the polo frame built up. I've been riding it for around six weeks now and it's been great. I'm still playing around with the cockpit setup but I'm very happy with how it rides on court. There are a few tweaks I'd make if designing it again but nothing major.


Don't be put off by the ridiculous green!




4th August 2010


We were delighted to receive the following email today from one of our customers:


"Dear Dave and Debbie,


For the last couple of years, at about this time, I meant to write a few lines to celebrate the anniversary of my DY Super Randonneur. This year, I manage it, and just notice from the paperwork  that it was exactly 4th August (2006) that I collected it! (I also notice, looking at your updated website, that today is the anniversary  of the start of your End to End.)


Well, above all I wanted to say how happy I am with the bike, which is an absolute dream for me to ride, and has given me a huge amount of pleasure, and facilitated me in getting fitter and going for longer rides. And those, it seems to me, are the main points for a happy customer! However, I am not laying any claim to clocking any great speeds or distances, just extending my own limits! The bike is just what I wanted, in terms of being able to take loads for cycle touring, combined with reasonable lightness. Your advice on the spec was spot on.


Apart from frequent London to Brighton rides (but not "the" event) and some trips in Europe (Germany and Poland), I suppose the highlight trip was this year, when I took the bike down to South Africa in March and rode in the "Cape Argus" ride, around the Cape Town Peninsula. In  terms of distance, it is like London to Brighton (110kms) - more ferocious hills and very windy part of the way - but the S.Africans  take it very seriously. And, unlike any Europeans who take part in it,  they have had the whole summer to get fit!  About 35,000 bikes take part and having seen how well organised the whole event was, I was not at all surprised how well they ran the World Cup. Do you know that ride? I highly recommend it!


Anyway, I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for the bike, and how pleased I am with it. I see from the website that you are up and running and still going strong. Pleased to see that. When I visited you, you were planning to get a paint booth set up, did you do that?


Best wishes



5th July 2010 - New DAVE YATES CYCLES website launched


We hope you enjoy our new website.


We will be adding more information and photographs over the next few weeks, so please bear with us, add us to your favourites, and check back soon!