Custom Frames

Repair & Re-spray Prices

Please note these are the prices you pay, there is no VAT to be added



Frame & forks 152.00 162.00 172.00
Frame only 142.00 152.00 162.00
Forks only 62.00 67.00 72.00


If the frame being re-sprayed is powder coated there will be an additional charge for the extra time required to remove the powder coating.



All head tube or seat tube from   60.00
Single panel on seat, top or down tube 55.00
Extra panels, same colour (each) 35.00
Seat tube multiple bands 65.00
Rear triangle & forks 95.00
Faded panels (1st colour change) from   50.00
Faded panels (each subsequent colour) 30.00
Match non standard colour (where possible) from   40.00




Lug lining from  50.00    
Supply & fit Dave Yates transfers (DY frames only) 39.00
Fit other makers transfers (transfers extra at cost) 30.00
Name on top tube (per side) 25.00
Remove & re-fit head badge or plastic gear guide 12.00
Fill dents (each) from  18.00
Fill surface pitting with filler & rub down from  45.00




Pump pegs 16.00          
Stops or guides 16.00
3 top tube guides 38.00
Solid allen key seat bolt 38.00
Lever bosses (each) 16.00
Bottle bosses (inc. stainless allen bolts) - pair 32.00
Campag gear tunnels (each) 16.00
Centre pull bridge (inc. adjuster) 33.00
Cantilever brake pivots (per brake) 38.00
Gear hanger 33.00
Pannier bosses (per fixing point) 16.00
Chain hanger 16.00
Mudguard eyes (each) 16.00
Braze on front changer boss 38.00
Remove braze on and clean up tube from  14.00
Single bottle boss as fixing point 16.00
Tandem brake anchor / dynamo plate 33.00
ATB triple cable stops 27.00
Disc brake mount & strut 80.00



The prices shown below for frame repairs are all FROM... and will vary with materials used (e.g. 525, 631, 853) and the exact nature of the repair.


Cut & weld bottom bracket (frame stripped) 75.00
New bottom bracket shell 150.00
New top tube 110.00
New down tube 110.00
New seat tube 130.00
New head tube 130.00
New head tube & lugs 165.00
New front end 295.00
New pair seat stays inc. brake bridge 165.00
New single seat stay 90.00
New pair chain stays 165.00
New single chain stay 90.00
New pair rear dropouts 165.00
New single rear dropout 90.00
New rear triangle 270.00
New brake bridge 50.00
New bottom bridge 45.00
Check over alignment & report F.O.C
Straighten (where possible) 39.00
Remove seized rear adjusters (each) 16.00
Drill out for allen key brakes 22.00
Fill metal head badge holes 16.00




Reynolds custom steel forks (excluding painting) 180.00




New steering column 80.00
Convert to Ahead steerer 80.00
New pair dropouts from  80.00
New single dropout from  50.00
New pair R blades 130.00
New single R blade 85.00
Straighten & re-track forks from  34.00




Remove, clean & re-fit bottom bracket or headset from  33.00
Remove seized stem, bottom bracket or seat pin from  39.00
Supply and fit new allen key seat bolt 12.00
Remove & re-fit rear adjusters 12.00
Fit new headset or bottom bracket 22.00
Strip & re-assemble cycle (plus any parts) 285.00
Remove fixed cup & headset races 12.00
Shot blast frame & forks from  55.00
Shot blast & prime frame & forks from  85.00
Shot blast frame only from  45.00
Shot blast & prime frame only from  70.00
Shot blast forks only from  30.00
Shot blast & prime forks only from  45.00


Any jobs not listed will be charged at £40.00 per hour