Custom Frames

The cycling press regularly undertake their own reviews of cycling products. Below you will find brief outlines of reviews of DAVE YATES custom bikes that have been published recently. You will also find links to copies of the actual reviews, as they appeared in print. The reviews remain the copyright of the publishers. They are re-produced here with the kind permission of the publishers, and we are extremely grateful to the following for their co-operation ....





  • Touring Bike of the Year, Cycling Plus, January 2006

Dave Yates Wayfarer earns Gold accolade      Read Review

"we had a great bike on our hands.......... fantastic value for money" 


  • Time Machines, Cycling Plus, February 2001

Richard Grigsby tests three entry level TT bikes, and Dave Yates Prima comes out on top      Read Review

"great build quality and finish, longevity and repairability"


  • Dave Yates 631 Custom, Cycling Weekly, August 12, 2000

Cycling Weekly's Luke Evans tests a Dave Yates custom built 631 frame      Read Review

"The fit's right, the colour spot on, the comfort exemplary"


  • A team effort, Cycling Weekly, April 22, 2000

A Tech Talk special feature on M Steel Cycles      Read Review

"The first thing that strikes you when you have a conversation with Dave Yates and Joe Waugh
is their enthusiasm for their business."


  • Custom Audax, Cycling Plus, Spring 2000 

Ben Searle tests three of the best custom audax machines including Dave Yates own new lightweight 'compact' design audax bike.      Read Review

" a bike for those who thrive on carrying next to nowt"


  • The Framebuilders Guide, Custom Cazza, Cycling Today, February 2000

Cycling Today help you through the process of buying a custom bike, as Caroline 'Cazza' Griffiths sets Dave Yates a problem to solve.      Read Review 

"Best of all, this frame is one in a million and it was made just for me!"


  • A bevy of Bunters, Cycling Weekly, January, 2000 

Cycling Weekly commissioned Dave Yates to build a 26 inch wheel test frame which they called the 'Bunter'. Richard Hallett compares 650C v 700C.      Read Review

"For expedition riders and serious commuters, a bunter is the clear winner"


  • Grand tourers, Cycling Plus, February 1999.

Ben Searle tests four bespoke touring bikes including the Dave Yates Hosteller Custom.      Read Review

" The Yates gave us complete confidence in all conditions, taking on roughstuff with ease,
and was the most comfortable".


  • Dave Yates Fat Wheeler, Cycling Weekly, July 11, 1998.

Richard Hallett explains why a fat wheeler is the way to go, for touring comfort and more besides.      Read Review

"We asked the ever-willing Dave Yates of M Steel Cycles (motto; no design too strange)
to do the business".


  • bike test, Dave Yates 653, Cycling Weekly, February 14, 1998.

Dave Yates comes up with the business for time trials with his 653 - a bike Luke Evans is happy to call superlight      Read Review

"the Yates 653 Superlight is a cracker of a bike"


  • bike test, Dave Yates Randonneur De Luxe, Cycling Weekly, November 2, 1996

Bike test of Dave Yates own Audax bike on which he subsequently completed the 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris , the 1500 km Land's End to John o Groats, and the 1400km London-Edinburgh-London      Read Review

" his (Dave Yates) bike taken as a whole says that he is one with an eye for a good tweak and a pretty finish. The rest of the bike is pretty good too, but you'd need to ride it a long way to know how good".


  • dream machines, Cycling Plus, January 1996

Hilary Stone tests two personal bikes belonging to Dave Lloyd and Dave Yates       Read Review

"Dave Yates' frame was built more than ten years ago from Reynolds 753
The craftsmanship is absolutely top notch with everything finished just right".


  • MTB Professionals - Framebuilder Dave Yates, MBi, December 1995

Interview with Dave Yates including "Typical working day" and "How to become a framebuilder".      Read Review


  • test report, Dave Yates MTB, Cycling Weekly, December 17, 1994

Robert Garbutt tests a Dave Yates Mountain Bike kitted out with (mainly) British components.      Read Review

"the Dave Yates frame starts out with 50 bonus points before it has even been ridden. Add to this
the perfect handling, some of the most stylish finishing you'll ever see and the result is, frankly,
the best MTB this writer has ever ridden."


  • a grand CHOICE, Cycling Plus, August 1994

Paul Lyons looks at three very different £1,000 bikes for three very different styles of riding, including the Dave Yates Diabolo 731.       Read Review

"If we had to pick a favourite bike, it would probably be the Dave Yates. It's a clean lined, pared down bike that makes you think about what's really important in a bike. The 731 Diabolo frame handles as sweetly as anything we've ever seen at this price".


  • UK BORN AND BRED, MTB PRO, July 1994

Steve Worland tests 3 UK MTBs including a Dave Yates Diabolo.       Read Review

"The Diabolo is our idea of the perfect 'budget' bike if you truly
want to sample the best of mountain biking"


  • Dave Yates Diabolo, MBi, December 1992

Test of a Dave Yates Diabolo mountain bike.      Read Review


"One of our test riders said this was one of the best bikes in its price range he'd ever ridden"

"The Diabolo is a really exceptional frame"