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Audax is a branch of cycling that continues to grow, attracting riders both young and old (and many in between!) from a wide range of backgrounds. Audax events vary from 100km "Brevet Populaires" to marathons like Paris Brest Paris at 1200km. Audax events follow a route with control points that must be passed through within a minimum and maximum time limit. The bikes used for this type of event are many and varied but the commonest is in the form of a cross between a racing and touring bike often referred to as a "fast tourer" with the geometry adjusted to give a very slightly more relaxed ride than a pure racing frame. Many riders use a rear pannier rack to carry all they will need during the event as the spirit of Audax is to ride unaided. Audax bikes are seen as ideal bikes for all year round riding with their fittings for mudguards


Super Randonneur


The Super Randonneur is the audax equivalent of the Classique. This frame is based on Dave’s own audax bike he used in the 1999 Paris Brest Paris, 2000 End to End and 2001 London Edinburgh London.


Utilising the finest cast components, this frame is designed for comfort over long distances. The tube set is carefully selected at the design consultation stage and will be based around a 631 main triangle, a 525 rear triangle and Reynolds R forks. However the riders size and riding style have a large part to play in this decision process. This frame is, like the Classique series, a total custom package with any or all of the dimensions specifiable.



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Finest cast components.

Full set of braze on fittings inc. two sets of bottle bosses, lever bosses, STI/Ergo cable guides, gear cable guides and stop, brake cable guides or stops, 4 point pannier bosses, pump peg on seat stay and 3 point screw on mudguard fixing.

Tubeset to suit riders size and riding style

Finish any single colour enamel from the colour chart

Any other braze on fittings can be fitted if you require at extra cost


Dave's experience of Audax riding has played a great part in shaping the design philosophy behind these frames (sitting on a bike for 1500km is an excellent way of detecting design flaws!) You can be sure that any advice given is a result of real experience, not just talk.



Super Randonneur 631 & Reynolds forks  £1195

For 725 rear stays add  £80





"I must say I really love this bike. For me, the bike is a perfect mix between comfort and stability on the one hand, and liveliness and ”racing feeling” on the other hand. It was no trouble at all taking the bike up to rather high speed, which surprised me a little bit. And it´s amazing comfort never made feel ”shabby” due to discomfort on the bike. A superb bike. I must say Dave, you really know what you are doing."


Pär Lindén



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