Steel Frames

Custom Forks

We are receiving an increasing number of requests for custom forks, both ATB and road.


We can build new steel forks to suit almost any application, limited only by material availability.


We can also convert existing threaded forks to Ahead. This is done by cutting off the threaded portion and TIG welding on a new section with an internal chrome-moly reinforcing sleeve. The joint is probably stronger than the original metal.


Prices start at £190 for a pair of Reynolds custom road forks (un-painted) Braze-on options include cantilever brake pivots £38 and pannier bosses £16 per fixing point.



Fork repairs


We can carry out repairs to steel forks, or add braze-ons such as brake pivots, mudguard eyes and pannier bosses. We can also straighten and re-track forks.


New steering column £80
Convert to Ahead steerer £80
New pair of dropouts From   £80
New single dropout From   £50
New pair Reynolds R blades £130
New single Reynolds R blade £85
Straighten and re-track forks From   £34
Canitlever brake pivots £38
Pannier bosses (per fixing point) £16
Mudguard eyes (each) £16